Mazda MX5 Sakura Nobori flag
Mazda MX5 Sakura Nobori flag
Mazda mx5 nobori flag
Mazda MX5 Sakura Nobori flag

Nobori Flag Mazda MX5 Sakura JDM


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Mazda MX5 Miata Workshop Nobori Flag

Vector illustration of modified Mazda MX5 with katakana text, red sun, and sakura branch. 

Designed by team Toxicvinyls with our new brand BAD GRPHX 


Size: 180cm x 60cm

Material:  Premium quality 110gsm 100D polyester single sided,  full colours print, with 7 starps. 

No pole is included with this product. 

Nobori (幟) is a Japanese banner. They are long, narrow flags, attached to a pole with a cross-rod to hold the fabric straight out and prevent it from furling around the rod; this way, the field is always visible and identifiable.