Night Kids JDM vinyl sunstrip banner jdm sticker

Night Kids Katakana Outline windscreen vinyl JDM banner sticker


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Night Kids Katakana LARGE JDM windscreen banner Vinyl Sticker

Size: 1400mm x 280mm

Two colors combination supplied as base sun strip and text for easier trouble-free application. 

Sunstrip colors are available in Gloss/Matte black.

Text colors White, Black G/M, Red, Orange, Light Blue, Lime Green, Purple, Pink Fuchsia,

Sparkle - Silver, Gold, Red, Orange, Green, Pink, Purple, Black, Blue,

Chrome -  Oilslick Silver/Black/Gold/RoseGold, Purple, Red,  

Please send us your color choice by email or message after or before purchase.

For sun strip application use water with a drop of fairy or application fluid. Squeeze all water out and cut around the seal with sharp razor blade for a perfect fit, Text can be applied dry but if you are worried about bubbles you can use water application as well. 

Quality: Waterproof  For Long Life, Made From High-Quality Vinyl

Outside Application